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Special Tours - Vacation and Dutch Youth Exchange Programme

SIW - Dutch Youth Exchange Organisation
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Have an adventure in a different culture

SIW is a Dutch youth exchange organisation. It started in 1953 with foreign volunteers helping to rebuild Zeeland, after the dykes broke and flooded the province. Since then, SIW has expanded their activities to projects in over 50 countries in different parts of the world including India. 

The partner of SIW in India is SAHYOG. With the cooperation of local NGO’s SAHYOG organises the projects where the local population also participate. The projects are mainly in North India. Tree plantation, working in a leper colony are some of the projects.

Annually, about 500 young Dutch people do volunteer work abroad with the help of SIW. Working in national parks conserving nature, working with disabled people/children, renovation works are some of the areas where SIW volunteers participated.

SIW also organises about 20 projects in the Netherlands, where SIW welcomes youth from abroad who want to learn more about the life in Holland.

The motto of SIW is - Have an adventure in a different culture.

Photo's by couretsy of Azad Khan, Foundation Friends Indeed