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Friends Indeed is a Dutch Charitable foundation. The objective of Friends Indeed is to help the deprived children in Andhra Pradesh, India. Friends Indeed helps these children with what every child is entitled to: a home, a school and a future. This is also the motto of Friends Indeed: a home, a school, a future.

The Indian partner of Friends indeed is ARDAR. ARDAR is an registered NGO, working for the last 14 years in Andhra Pradesh in backward areas predominated by traditional fishermen, tribals and harijans (untouchables).

In the Netherlands the activities of the Friends Indeed are supported by:
  • Dutch Companies and organizations
  • Schoolchildren, who raise money by organizing sponsor events
  • Donations from the public
Further financial support is also obtained through supporters from UK and USA.

Friends Indeed was founded in 2001, by 5 enthusiastic people from varying professional backgrounds (medical, financial, legal, and educational). For practical and historical reasons at present the focus is on the children of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Since 2001 they realised several projects in this state. At present Friends Indeed is supporting several projects in Andhra Pradesh

Friends Indeed only funds capital expenditure and contributes to the shortfall in projects which have proven their sustainability and has strict funding policies and conduct rigorous checks and audits.

Friends Indeed is registered with the Dutch Central Bureau for Fundraising and files Annual accounts

Foundation Friends Indeed
Heemsteedse Dreef 120
2102 KP Heemstede
Tel:023 - 547 34 45
06-51 45 36 10 ( Mr Azad Khan)
06 - 215 987 33 (Mrs. Anna Legeland)

For information please contact Mr Azad Khan
Photo's courtesy Mr Azad Khan