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Different chapters of the present website contains limited information. As we go along additional folders and new chapters will be added.

Dutch Pages
Some of the texts in different chapters of the Indiawijzer are in Dutch. These chapters are mainly meant for the Dutch school children and the Dutch public. These chapters are indicated with the text "NL".

Structure of Indiawijzer

Indiawijzer is designed on the basis of the publication of the book "Indiawijzer". Hence the structure of the book is also followed on the Internet site.

Indiawijzer at present has the under-mentioned chapters (folders). Each folder, where applicable has subfolders and each subfolder has different pages. The information is presented on a "place by place" basis.

The menu (index) on the left-hand side of each page gives you the access to the folders.  When the text of the item is clicked, a drop down menu leads to the different sections of the folder.

Index of Indiawijzer

  1. Adoption of children from India
  2. Agenda - Indian cultural programmes in the Netherlands
  3. Airlines flying from The Netherlands to India
  4. Ayurveda in the Netherlands (NL)
  5. Business with India
  6. Cultural Organisations (NL)
  7. Disclaimer
  8. Dutch Government and India
  9. Dutch NGO's active in India
  10. Educational Institutions
  11. Feedback
  12. Future additions to Indiawijzer
  13. Hard copy of the 1999 edition of Indiawijzer
  14. Hindustani TV and Radio Stations
  15. Indian Cuisine (NL)
  16. Indian Diaspora in The Netherlands
  17. Indian Music and dance in the Netherlands (NL)
  18. Indian street names in Dutch municipalities
  19. Information on India
  20. Interesting Facts
  21. Libraries with books on India
  22. Links
  23. Museums with Indian items
  24. NRI/PIO Art and artists in the Netherlands
  25. Philosophy and Sprituality
  26. Religion and Spirituality (NL)
  27. Statistical outline - India in numbers
  28. Tourism - travelling to India
  29. Translators and Interpreters of Indian Languages
  30. University Education - Scientific and Research Institutions
  31. Useful Information
  32. Vision for India
  33. What is Indiawijzer?
  34. yoga