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Development Research Institute - IVO
Tilburg University Building E Office E219
Warandelaan 2
5037 AB Tilburg
Tel:013 - 466 22 64
Fax:013 - 466 30 15

Mail address:
P.O. Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg

IVO is the Development Research Institute of Tilburg University. IVO's mission is to carry out applied socio-economic research, training and capacity building in support of poverty alleviation in developing countries. The strong relation between IVO and Tilburg University is reflected in joint research projects, its location on the campus and the composition of its Board of Governors.

IVO was established in 1963 in recognition of the social responsibility of Tilburg University. Poverty in the decolonising part of the world was seen as the most important social question of its time and in need of academic research. Unfortunately, this subject is as relevant today as it was in IVO's early years.

The cornerstones of IVO's research are Global Commodity Chains and Development, Institutional Impact Analysis and Macro Accounting for Policy Analysis. In its research IVO attempts to address three basic issues: poverty, income distribution and globalisation. A more detailed description can be found under Research programme and is reflected in its Publications.

IVO has established strategic alliances with several partner organisations in developing countries, in particular in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Eritrea, South Africa and India. To strengthen its alliances and research capacity, IVO provides academic guidance and facilities to a number of international Ph.D. students including India.

The Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) in Cochin, in the Indian state of Kerala, has been a partner of Tilburg University since 1997. The project is geared towards strengthening the Department of Applied Economics with the underlying aim of creating an institute, which can compete with the most advanced institutes in India and enter into international academic efforts. Its researchers should be able to publish according to international standards, and its students should be able to find ready employment in the rapidly expanding Indian economy.

IVM has carried out different research projects in India. One of them is:
  • Coping with the change: structural adjustment in the textile and garment industry in India.