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Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands - ECN
1755 LE Petten
Tel:0224 - 564 949
Fax:0224 - 564 480

Mail address:
P.O. Box 1
1755 ZG Petten

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands develops high-level knowledge and technology for the transition to sustainable energy management. The research centre carries out research on the field of energy and is the largest research centre in the Netherlands in this field. With this work the researchers move between fundamental research on universities and appliance of knowledge and technologies in practice. This work has a huge impact on daily life. For example, solar systems are placed on roofs of houses and modern wind mills are spinning in the field because of technology which is developed by ECN. With this the institute exerts an important function for the society of today and tomorrow.

ECN focuses on the knowledge and information the government needs to develop and evaluate policy and achieve policy objectives in the field of energy, the environment and technological innovation. ECN partners industry in the development and implementation of products, processes and technologies important to the transition to sustainable energy management. ECN closely works together with Dutch and foreign universities and research institutes and performs a bridging function with implementation by carrying out technological research.

Technology Services & Consultancy (TS&C) is the technical support and development group of ECN. This group designs, engineers and realises experimental installations, prototypes and high-tech components, conducts materials research, takes care of data acquisition, data processing and visualisation and realises scientific and technical software. Besides ECN, this group supports innovative institutes and companies. TS&C is the problem solver for technological challenges.

ECN has different technical collaborations with Indian partners. For example: