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A Billion Opportunities within your reach
Research Project Maastricht (RPM) is an initiative supported by Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Since 1989 the project has annually visited an emerging economy to perform market research on a non-profit basis. The companies can vary from small to globally known multinationals. In January 2012 the destination will be India, one of the biggest and most rapidly growing economies in the world. In preceding years RPM conducted several types of market research including sector analysis, import- and export analyses, competition analyses, investment opportunities and identifying new distribution channels in countries like Brazil, Indonesia, China and Vietnam.

RPM is comprised of a team of 13 carefully selected students, all in the nal phase of their study, that from January 2012 onwards will visit India for 4 months to conduct company specific market research. With its extensive annual growth, even in the recent period of economic crisis, India is rapidly developing into one of the world’s economic superpowers. With an annual growth rate of 8.5% in the past five years, a huge emerging consumer market, in line with an emerging middle-class in the Indian society and a huge and well-educated labor force, India increasingly offers major opportunities for foreign companies.

Before departure the team will commence with an extensive desk research and the preparations for the research in India. Subsequently the 4 months in India will be used to do research on location. This research can be done in all parts of India, according to the preferences of the principal company. The research will be concluded with a research report and with presenting the results, also according to the preferences of the company.

During the process RPM is accompanied by an Advisory Board, comprised of professors of Maastricht University, officials of government institutions and employees of several companies.