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University Education  (Scientific and Research Institutions)

Kern Institute
University of Leiden
Faculty of Arts
Department of Indology (South and central Asia)
Nonnensteeg 1-3
2311 VJ Leiden
Tel:071 Ė 527 25 03

Mail address
P.O. Box 9515
2311 XW  Leiden

The Languages and Cultures of South and Central Asia (TCZCA or Indology) programme mainly focuses on Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil and Tibetan and the cultures associated with these languages which includes classes in Hinduism, Buddhism, Indian philosophy, history and history of arts.

Different aspects of past and modern Indian society are taught: history, religion, philosophy, literature, art, etc.

The education programme starts with the Bachelorís of three years, taught in Dutch. Students acquire a basic knowledge of the four languages and cultural fields within Indology mentioned above, after which they may choose to emphasise one of these. The programme consists of lectures and seminars, to which the student is expected to contribute. In addition to language tests and examinations of the course material, there are also assignments such as papers and oral presentations.

After the Bachelorís students can continue with a Masterís of one or two years. There are three directions to choose from; an International programme, Archive and Museum, and Research, with possibilities for a stay abroad or a traineeship

The above study at the Leiden University together with the specialised library is also known as Institute Kern named after Hendrik Kern who in 1865 was the first Dutch professor of Sanskrit.

Photo's of  Leiden by Ms Caroline Raat.