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Working Group on Development Techniques (WOT)
Werkgroep OntwikkelingsTechnieken (WOT)
University of Twente
WOT-WB-N 109
PO Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
Tel:053 - 489 28 45 / 489 3191)
Fax:053 - 489 26 71 (attn: WOT)

Working Group on Development Techniques (WOT) The WOT is a knowledge centre for small-scale applications of sustainable energy and hand pumps for developing countries.

The WOT is a non-profit organisation and is run by volunteers. The WOT is located at the University of Twente in the city of Enschede in the Netherlands. Therefore, the majority of WOT-members are students. For more details see the online documentation page.

The WOT provides a free question & answer service and give free advice to people and organisations in developing countries.

The WOT is part of the International Network on Technical Information. INTI brings together the combined information resources of development organisations providing an enquiry service. The main objective of the network is to improve the services provided through co-operation and mutual support. INTI is open to all information services focused on development issues.

The Ghazipur project in India where more than 2.000 windmills are operational were produced as per design of WOT.