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Management for Development Foundation
Bosrand 28
6718 ZN Ede
Tel:0318 - 650 060
Fax:0318 - 614 503

Mailing address
PO Box 430
6710 BK Ede

MDF, the Management for Development Foundation, was established in 1984 to contribute to a better organisation, planning and management of development projects and programmes. It started with the organisation of open subscription courses on project management and programme administration. MDF also started rendering consultancy services in the field of organisation and management and by taking the responsibility for the implementation of donor financed projects focussing on improved planning and organisation of development interventions.

MDF is both a foundation and a Pvt. Ltd. The foundation carries out research and product development. With MDF Training & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. we carry out all our training and consultancy assignments.

The MDF Head Office is located in Ede, the Netherlands and comprises MDF - Training and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., which implements all regular courses, tailor-made courses and consultancy assignments, and the MDF Foundation. Since early 2001 the role of the Foundation is restricted to applied research and product development, the results of which are applied and utilised by MDF Training & Consultancy.

MDF provides consultancy services for multilateral and bilateral funding agencies, national and local governments, national and international NGOs and private companies.