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Nuffic, the Netherlands organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education, was established in 1952. Its main objective is expressed in its mission statement.

Mission statement
Nuffic is a non-profit, professional organisation aimed at making education accessible all over the world, especially in countries where educational infrastructure is lagging behind. Education is crucial for fostering global socio-economic development, improving the quality of life, and increasing intercultural understanding. Nuffic strives to be the intermediary between the education community of the Netherlands and the international community.
Nuffic’s main areas of activity are:
  • Development cooperation. Nuffic helps to strengthen teaching and research infrastructure in the South by facilitating international cooperation between higher education institutions. It supports national strategies for human capacity-building by administrating fellowship programmes for study in the North.

  • Internationalization of higher education. Nuffic fosters the internationalization of higher education, with special emphasis on programmes for international student and staff mobility and on the internationalization of curricula that prepare students for professional and academic careers.

  • International recognition and certification. Nuffic facilitates access to national and international education and labour markets by helping to eliminate problems related to the international evaluation and recognition of diplomas and degrees.

  • Marketing of Dutch higher education. Nuffic provides accurate, up-to-date information about Dutch higher education, which it disseminates abroad. It promotes foreign participation in Dutch higher education and helps Dutch higher education institutions to compete on the world education market.
Linking knowledge worldwide
"Linking knowledge worldwide" is Nuffic's motto. In a very few words, it says what Nuffic stands for and what can and should be expected of it. Nuffic strives to bring people and knowledge together. And to bring together people who possess knowledge. Doing so always results in significant added value. With the motto "Linking knowledge worldwide", Nuffic is expressing its core value as an organisation that feels strong bonds with the Netherlands, and especially with its higher education sector. But the most prominent word in the motto is "worldwide". To have chosen this word is perhaps typically Dutch. The small country at the mouth of the Rhine has always been an emporium—a centre of trade not just in goods, but more significantly, in ideas. "Linking knowledge worldwide" in a way is part of the national character. But the words are etched in extra sharp relief when applied to an organisation like Nuffic, the Netherlands organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education.