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Den Haag
The Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research

Laan van Nieuw Oost IndiŽ 300
2593 CE 's-Gravenhage
Tel:070 - 344 07 63
Fax:070 - 381 98 74

The Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternatives in Development (IDPAD) promotes social science research that is of relevance to development in India. With a view to increase relevance and utilisation of research the programme stimulates interaction between researchers and users of research, including policy makers from government and NGO's.

IDPAD grew out of intensifying contacts and co-operation between Indian en Dutch social scientists, inspired by the need to explore 'alternatives in development'.

The programme was formally launched in 1980 and four phases of research have been implemented since. A fifth phase started in July 2002. IDPAD favours collaboration between researchers and most of IDPAD's activities are carried out by researchers in India and in The Netherlands working together.

IDPAD's main activities are the promotion and funding of research projects, seminars and exchange visits. In addition, the programme provides funding for dissemination of research results, and publishes working papers and a Newsletter. IDPAD encourages female and young scholars to participate in the programme.

IDPAD is jointly implemented by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) in New Delhi, and The Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research (WOTRO) in The Hague. Decision making authority rests with the Joint Committee, consisting of members from both India and The Netherlands. The programme is financed by the Dutch government and the government of India.

The address of IDPAD's contact in India is:
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg
JNU New Campus
P.O. Box 10528
New Delhi 110 067
Tel:011 - 261 694 59/ 261 79 839
Fax:011 - 26179 836"



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