University Education


University Education  (Scientific and Research Institutions)

Federation of Institutes for International Education in the Netherlands
FION Secretariat:
P.O. Box 3015
2601 DA Delft
Tel:015-215 17 33
Tel:015-212 29 21

FION and SAIL are umbrella organisations that represent thirteen international education institutes in The Netherlands.

These thirteen institutes provide post-graduate training and education in the English language in a variety of sectors and subjects to mid-career professionals from developing and transitional countries.

The main objective of FION is the development of human capacity by providing education and training in the Netherlands in order to meet quantitative and qualitative lack of educated professionals in developing countries. A related objective is to contribute to the capacity building and strengthening of institutions in developing countries.

The international education institutes support organisations abroad to develop their own capacity and institution in carrying out such training and educational programmes.

The institutes also engage themselves in research and advisory services in their areas of expertise.