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Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services - NIWI
Joan Muyskenweg 25 1096 CJ Amsterdam
Tel:020 - 462 8600
Fax:020 - 665 8013

Mail address:
P.O. Box 95110
51090 HC Amsterdam

NIWI, the Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information Services, is an institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). NIWI formally started on 1 September 1997, out of the merging of six existing institutes in the area of providing scientific information.

NIWI aims at providing scientific information on the influence of
digital networks and on the practice of science in multiple fields. In the domain of research on the Dutch language and culture, the institute encourages the use and the availability of digital information, digitalisation projects, data archives and bibliographical databanks. NIWI is the library for the KNAW, and consists of a large collection biomedical journals and a historical collection. NIWI provides information about research and researchers in The Netherlands, in all scientific fields.

The Netherlands Historical Data Archive (NHDA) aims to register, document and make accessible digital resources that are relevant for historical research.The collections of historical datasets, CD-ROMs and websites, are known as the Netherlands Historical Data Archive.

In the collection of archival documents on South Asia of the National Archive, NIWI has a collection of handwritten documents from the periode of Dutch East-India Company (VOC). In this collection are also documents from India.

NIWI also maintains the NOD - Dutch Research Database which gives an overview of the Dutch Research Institutes, Dutch Researchers and Dutch research activities. For example at present the The NOD contains about 49,000 names of researchers

NIWI has its main office in Amsterdam, and, in addition, a branch in The Hague.