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Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM)
Free University
De Boelelaan 1087
1081 HV Amsterdam
Tel:020 - 444 95 55
Fax:020 - 5444 95 53

The Institute for Environmental Studies (Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken, IVM) is the oldest environmental research institute in the Netherlands. Since its creation in 1971, IVM has built up considerable experience in dealing with the complexities of environmental problems. Its purpose is to contribute to sustainable development and the rehabilitation and preservation of the environment through academic research and training. The institute has repeatedly been evaluated as the best Dutch research group in this field.

IVMís research community of about 100 scientists and support staff addresses challenging environmental problems and offers both pragmatic and innovative solutions. Since 2001 IVM has been a part of the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit. The institute has four departments: Biology and Chemistry, Economics and Technology, Environmental Policy Analysis, and Spatial Analysis and Decision Support. Given the multidisciplinary approach typical for IVM, most of its projects include researchers from more than one department.

IVM has carried out several research projects in India. A few of them are:
  • Mega Cities - requirement analysis: an assessment report of the precursor activities within the Megacities
    Mega Cities are cities with a population of more than 10 million. India has a few of them.
  • Asian dilemma: modernising the electricity sector in China and India
  • Upstream environmental degradation and management in South India
  • Waste recovery in Mumbai: a socio-economic and environmental assessement of different waste management options
  • North-South Articulation in Mountain Management: The Case of Kerala, Southern India.
  • State of the Environment in Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Evaluation of the Fund for Environmental Urban NGOs in India
  • Divergent Approaches to the Environment in Kerala