Self sustainability Projects


Vocational Training

Parijat Academy, Pamohi, Assam
Parijat Weaving Center - at Parijat Academy, Pamohi, Assam

Parijat Academy intends to extend and upgrade its existing infrastructure within the Parijat Academy to generate income for the tribal women. Thanks to the contribution from Najmun Nisa Trust, 6 looms have been added to the existing looms. At present seven looms are operational where six weavers weave Mekhela and Chador. In the income generation programme the village women would be able to earn Rs. 1.000/- to 1.200/- per month. At present the weavers are paid Rs. 1.000/- monthly. Two rooms are used for the Weaving Centre.

One of the looms is used for the school children for their vocational training. The interest in the activities of the Parijat Weaving Centre is growing. Every day two/three villagers visit the Parijat academy to see the work of the weavers and place order for Mekhela Chador. With the increase of production, the idea is to sell the extra production at the Nedfi-haat. Guwahati has a good demand of Handloom products.

To improve the quality and efficiency a second-hand semi-automatic loom (Jacquard loom) is added to the existing looms. The patterns used in the Jacquard loom are programmed so that the repetitive design work are taken over by the semi-automatic loom.

The income from the handloom will be used to buy books, writing materials etc. for the school children. The target group for the handloom programme is the village women. The Parijat Weaving Centre intends to help at least 10 women to generate their own income through weaving looms at Parijat Academy.

The income from handloom will be used for books, writings materials for the children.

Sewing, Tailoring & Embroidery

Another area where extra attention is given is the vocational training. In order to give practical training and make the students (especially the girl students) self reliant with skills and experience necessary for their future family life, a sewing machine is bought and special sewing and embroidery classes are introduced. At present the training of these activities take place in the office building of Parijat Academy.


Photo's by courtesy of Parijat Academy, Pamohi, Guwahati