Personal and Spiritual Development


Stichting Arunachala
Schuilenburgerplein 9
3816 TE Amersfoort
Tel:033 - 477 99 22 (P) / 06-55 77 36 78 (O)

Stichting Arunachala is a charitable organisation to support a children home, a primary school and an Ashram with Ayurvedic facilities in South-India.

For personal and spiritual development Arunachala together with their partner the I-five Trust in Tiruvannamalai (South-India) offers a full time Ashram program with yoga and meditation.

In July/August and December/January the Ashram offers an advanced program for personal and spiritual development. During their retreat the visitors get real personal attention.

Additional support can be given by Ayurvedic treatment to improve physical or mental condition. There is a possibility to complete the spiritual program with philosophical background, personal work and cultural travels.

Photo by Wahid Saleh