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Eekta Trienekens

The Indian-Dutch background of Eekta has a major influence on her works. Though most of her childhood was spent in The Netherlands the most important (and visual) memories go back to the time she spent in Punjab. She started drawing and painting from early age. Later she started to combine this with other art forms. Photography, costume designing (for theatre), murals and book-illustrating are all equal members of her artistic world.

This work is best described as frozen dream or visual poetry. Fragments of texts and daily dream poured on canvas. There is no need to be understood for the things that are, their excistance itself is proof of usefullness.

Her favourite subjects are trees, birds and women. The bird, traditionally seen as a symbol of love, does not always represent romantic love here. The tree and the woman stand for life and its secrets.

In some works traditional looking patterns play a role, these are designed while looking at mughal miniatures.