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Usha Rappange Bhalla
Usha Rappange Bhalla is an internationally acclaimed artist. She is a very gifted artist with a highly original talent.

Born in India, graduate degrees in Fine Arts, Classical Music, English literature from Punjab University, India. She studied also at the Royal Academy of Art, London.

"East is East and West is West, ne'er the twain shall meet" said Rudyard Kipling. He could not have been more wrong. East and West have already met in the hearts of the people and Usha is helping to give a visual and emotional voice to that fusion to express mankind's new universal culture.

Using the language of her brushes and colour, Usha belongs to that group of innovators who capture gut feelings from the depth of their souls and bring them out for all to see.

Usha's outpouring is both powerful and fragile. Its purpose is to change the landscape of our minds to enable us to see that beyond the tangled underbrush of our thoughts lies the pulsating, soothing, empowering, joyous dance of the loving intelligence which creates, sustains and evolves us and our universe.

Usha has exhibited her works in different parts of the world. Her work can be found in private collections as well as places like The UN in Geneva, Air India(Mumbai), The Taj Mahal Hotel Group (Mumbai), Allen Ginsberg & Arthur Rank Org. (USA) etc.

Usha has now based in Mumbai.