The Wereldmuseum Rotterdam
Willemskade 25
3016 DM Rotterdam
Tel:010 - 270 71 72
Fax:010 - 270 71 82

The Wereldmuseum Rotterdam focuses on encounters and cross-cultural inspiration. The Wereldmuseum Rotterdam stimulates and surprises with contemporary and historical cultures from far away and close by. The visitor comes into contact with these by means of special exhibitions and events.

The descriptions in the exhibitions are also in english.

The collection of the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam (World Art Museum) has been assembled over the years since 1885 and amounts to approximately 200,000 items. In terms of scope and quality the collection is one of the most important in Western Europe.

The Wereldmuseum Rotterdam has a collection of about 5.000 coins and medals from India.

The textile collection of the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam contains examples from all cultures of the world including embroidery from India.

The Islamic Culture collection of the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam includes a number of exceptional pieces, such as the falname (dream book).  A falname is used to predict the future or explain dreams. These books include tables with figures, magical signs and written texts. This falname has 35 pages with illustrations and is the most complete of any known to this day. Each page has lines of poetry in Persian above and below the illustration. The collection includes a falname, book of presages India, second half of the 16th century.