Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Department of Asiatic Art
Stadhouderskade 42
1071 ZD Amsterdam
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Postbus 50673
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The Rijksmuseum is the largest museum in the Netherlands, in the size of its collections, its building, the budget and the number of staff employed. Each year, more than a million people visit the museum. The Rijksmuseum is internationally renowned for its exhibitions and publications and not only are these high quality products, but are also areas in which the museum extends the boundaries of scholarship and encourages new insights.

The collection of the Rijksmuseum's Asiatic Art department contains sculpture, paintings and applied art from the various regions of that continent. Due to renovation of the Rijksmuseum these objects are not on exhibition in Amsterdam.

Various collections of the Rijksmuseum will be put up in other museums in the Netherlands. A selection of the collection of the Department of Asiatic Art will be shown in the new museum building in Apeldoorn designed by Herman Herzberger. It will open in the spring of 2004 with their own collections of present-day art and the history of Apeldoorn and its surroundings.

The Asiatic art show will be opened in the autumn of 2004. Besides the selection a sequins of smaller exhibitions in the field of Asiatic art will be held.

They represent a range of significant developments in the arts and styles of the East. All the objects on view in the Asiatic Art department were made for use within the local culture and provide an idea of the kind of art that is valued in Asia itself. For the New Rijksmuseum a special pavilion is planned at the Rijksmuseum's garden for the collection of Asiatic art. The duration of the rebuilding of the Main Building is is estimated to take five years.