Libraries with books on India

Institute of Indian Studies
Oude Boteringestraat 23
9712 GC Groningen
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The core of the Indological library of the University of Groningen is on open shelves in the Library of the Faculty of Arts (Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat  26, 9712 EK Groningen). The shelf marks of this part of the library are preceded by XII. The collection comprises works of reference (e.g. dictionaries), Sanskrit texts, translations and commentaries, secondary literature concerning indological subjects, history of Hinduism, Indian philosophy, and some of the major  indological Journals.

The greatest part of the indological library is stored in the University Library (UB). It is not on open shelves. This collection contains Sanskrit and related works, Pali texts and translations,  Indian medical literature (Ayurveda), modern Indian languages (Hindi), and general literature concerning India and its (cultural) history. Some Journals dealing with India, the Orient and Asia are kept here.

Another substantial part of the indological collection in Groningen is stored on open shelves in the Library of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies (Oude Boteringestraat 38  9712 GK Groningen). This part of the collection comprises books on Indian art, iconography, archaeology, Indian religions in general and Buddhism in particular.  This library has the major Journals of comparative religion and the like.

Purana texts and other books dealing with Puranic literature, though part of the collection of the Faculty of Theology, is presently stored in the Institute of Indian Studies (room 012). Here  is also the microfiche collection stored, comprising the works of the Indian Archaeological Survey, some journals, and the District Gazetteers.