Diasporic Indians in The Netherlands


NRI/PIO - In The Netherlands

Den Haag
Foundation Hindustaans Film and Music Festival
Postbus 166
2501 CD Den Haag
Tel:070 - 310 68 58 / 06-502 533 51

Bollywood films are shown in the Netherlands for a long time. It started with the late sixties when in SinePost film theater in Schevenigen Hindi films were screened on Sundays (matinee shows). Dilipkumar, Rajkapoor, Nargis, Meenakumari etc. were the idols of those days.

Lately the scene has changed. There is a steady market for Bollywood films. The innumerable videotheeks cater for the film hungry public mainly to the Surinami Hindustani population followed by the Indians, Arabs and the Turks.

Bolloywood is now in. The brightest stars in India's film firmament, virtual demigods in India, visits the Netherlands regularly.

Thanks to the pioneers work done by the Foundation Hindustaans Film and Music Festival of The Hague. This Foundation started the first film festival of The Hague in the year 2000.

The annual Film Festival is a mega event. Bollywood Films are shown not only in The Hague but also in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Zoetermeer etc.

The Film Festival covers also music and dance, exhibitions, discussions etc.

As of the year 2005 the city of The Hague has included the Film Festival in their official Cultural agenda (Kunstplan).