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TV Broadcasting

Stichting OHM
Koninginneweg 8
1217 KX Hilversum
Tel:035 - 626 09 20
Fax:035 - 628 08 43

The persuasion of the Dutch national foundation for Hindu Media (OHM) is based on the Hindu philosophy. OHM is a non-commercial organisation making radio and televisionbroadcastings. In this way it contributes to the integration of the richness and diversity of the Hindu culture in the Dutch society. OHM is completely subsidised by the Dutch government. The first program was broadcasted in October 1993.

OHM has emerged from an alliance of the Dutch Shri Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, the Shri Sanatan Dharma, the Dutch Arya Samaj Federation and the World Hindu Federation.

At this moment 300.000 Hindus live in the Netherlands. Hinduism is now one of the three major religions in the Netherlands. In providing the Dutch Hindus and the general public with information concerning the religion, culture and the way of life of Hindus, a national Hindu broadcasting Network is indispensable.

For more information please contact Mr R. Chander.