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Olon is the "Organisatie van Lokale Omroepen in Nederland", or in English: "Dutch Federation of Local Public Broadcasters (radio, television as well as teletext providers)". Its aim is the promotion of local broadcasting and cable casting in general and to support and stimulate the cooperation between (independent, non-commercial) local broadcasting organisations in particular. Olon was established in 1981.

Olon can be regarded as a kind of "trade-union" for non-commercial, public local radio and television organisations. At this moment - August 1999 - Olon membership stands at 315. The number of licensed local, non-commercial broadcasters in the Netherlands is 336. Since 1984 the Olon receives financial support by way of an annual government subsidy. 

In 1988, the Olon was officially recognized by the government in the new media legislation as the official representative body for local broadcasting organisations in the Netherlands. That in turn led to the Olon being partly financed on a more structural basis out of the national media budget. Apart from this subsidy, half of Olon's budget comes from membership fees, membership services and services to other parties with links to local stations (projects).