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Foundation Kennisnet
Paletsingel 32
2718 NT Zoetermeer
Tel:079-323 09 96
Tel:079-321 23 22

Mail address:
Postbus 778
2700 AT Zoetermeer

Kennisnet is the internet organisation for primary, secondary and professional education in the Netherlands. The foundation was established by the education organisations in 2001. These organisations are represented on the Supervisory Board.

Kennisnet was set up by and for education, and therefore has an emphatically public objective. In order to meet this objective, Kennisnet creates virtual space for learning and educational processes.

The added value of Kennisnet lies in its ability to offer simple and effective solutions to complex problems in education. ICT, and Kennisnet in particular, offer tools and resources for achieving learning goals in innovative ways. Kennisnet's objective is therefore to realise ICT's maximum potential for education.

Kennisnet targets primary, secondary and professional and adult education.

In the database of Kennisnet there are several links with India related information. At present a search within Kennisnet with "India" as key-word finds 39 India related web pages