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Den Haag
Hindi Parishad Nederland - HPN
Postbus 32614
2503 AH Den Haag
Tel:070 367 11 09 / 320 09 92

The Hindi Parishad Nederland (HPN) is a Dutch national organisation to promote and stimulate the use of Hindi in The Netherlands.  It was established in September 19, 1983.

The objectives of the Hindi Parishad Nederland is to propagate the active and passive use of Hindi language in The Netherlands so that the use of Hindi can be developed in social, cultural, artistic and in the literary field. In order to achieve this goal HPN is active among others in the following areas:
  • Introduction of Hindi through the OALT (Onderwijs in Allochtone Levende Talen - Teaching in the modern language of the foreigner) procedure in the Dutch educational system.
  • Conduct countrywide uniform  Hindi examinations in the level of Prathmiek, Prarambhiek and Prewesh
    Examination of higher level (Parichay, Kovid, Ratna, Acharya)is conducted in cooperation with the educational institution in Wardha, India.
  • Issue countrywide uniform recognised diplomas.
  • Maintain contact with the Dutch government (educational authorities) regarding the OALT procedure and emphasize the importance of Hindi education in the Dutch schools.
  • Assisting the (local) authorities in developing new educational tools for the primary and secondary schools.
  • The organisation of the national Hindi information day (annual Hindi Divas) with the main objective of informing the rank and file about the latest development of Hindi.
  • Publishing a Hindi magazine.