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India Instituut
Postbus 75861
1070 AW  Amsterdam
Tel:020 - 662 66 62

The India Institute, Amsterdam, offers courses and organizes seminars in different fields of interest related to Indian culture, like languages, religion and philosophy, and art history. It further brings out its own publications, and organizes language and cultural trips to India. 

The courses are taught by academically trained teachers. The language used in teaching is Dutch and most course material is also in Dutch. 

Languages taught are Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Nepali. After the basic courses advanced courses on different levels can be followed. 

The India Institute also carries out assignments on request, like providing bibliographic data, photographs and slides, translations (a.o. authorised Hindi), and computer printing in Devanagari (Hindi), Nastaliq (Urdu) or Tamil for further photographic reproduction. If in such cases the help of specialists is required, expenses will be charged to the customer. 

For information please contact dr. Dick F. Plukker, tel. 020 - 662 66 62 or
drs. Piet Groeneweg, tel. 020-664 12 23 (evenings only).