Cultural Organisations


S.R.P.C - Stichting Radio Punjabi Cultuur
Postbus 2015
1500 GA Zaandam
Tel:06 - 4169 99 29
Fax:075 - 77 28 999 /

S.R.P.C. is an Indian Cultural Organisation managed and run by Punjabi youth of Zaandam and Amsterdam area.

The activities of the S.R.P.C. are:
  1. The Radio Punjabi, started in March 2002 in Amsterdam is so far known the only Radio station under the management of Indians. It is also aired via Internet
  2. Organise the annual Vashakhi Mela, Independence-Day Mela & Mr and Miss India contest.
  3. To raise fund for the needy children in India.
    S.R.P.C. has adpoted children of three villages in India. SRPC supports them financially and has established a welfare society in India. It is the in the form of financial aid to obtain school requirements including books and writing materials for the children. The name and address of the Indian welfare society is:

    Childern education welfare society(regd)
    Shopno. 1 Rimpy market near post office
    Qadian-143516(gsp) Punjab
    Tel: 00- 91-1872-208 051 E-mail:

    The Three villages adopted are:
    - Qadian in Punjab
    - Nagani in Himacial Pradesh
    - Kathua in Jammu & Kashmir
  4. To run dance schools for Indian Bollywood dance and the traditional Bhangra dance. Dance lessons are already conducted in Amsterdam and Zaandam. The income of the dance school also donated to the welfare of the schools in India.
  5. Under the banner of "Punjabi Boys" S.R.P.C. performs Bhangra dance and participate in different cultural programme. A part of the income goes for the charity.
In future the S.R.P.C. intends to set up a helpline to advise the youth of the community and to assist those without work. Another idea is to start a TV channel for the Indians.

For information please contact:
Information Rimpy  06 - 41 69 99 29
Dance lesson Pooja  06 - 20 84 00 13
Bhagra lesson Soni  06 - 43 01 44 59
Club info Sunny  06 - 11 40 44 75
Djs info King  06 - 27 35 21 90
  Ranjit  06 - 24 80 67 53