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Harmony Spice Limited
12/597-8, Koovapadam
Jawahar Road
Kochi - 682 022
Tel:0484 -22 32 86/ 22 68 54
Tel:0484 - 22 32 87

Harmony Spices Limited was established in 1992, with the primary objective of processing and supplying high quality spices, especially Black Pepper, to cater to the food laws of the importing countries.

Harmony Spices Limited  entered in to a Joint Venture in 1997 with Sofpac B.V., Rotterdam, a wholly owned subsidiary of the world renowned E.D&F Man Group (U.K).

Harmony Spices Limited  offers spices, especially Black Pepper, processed to comply with international standards of the Importing countries. Processes include compliance with American Spice Trade Association (ASTA) and US FDA requirements. In addition, the company also certifies bio-burden levels.

Indian technology in post-harvest processing matches the best in the world. Years of dedicated research have helped the country to develop effective methods of cleaning, processing and packaging. The in-house laboratory is fully equipped to conduct continuous quality checks that ensure processing and procedures meet requisite standards.

The Spices Board of India, in recognition of the company's efforts, has designated the Harmony Spices Limited as a "SPICE HOUSE". The Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, acknowledging the export achievements, has designated the company as an "EXPORT HOUSE". Harmony Spices Limited is also a certified ISO 9002 company.

The Dutch partner of Harmony Spice Limited is Man-Producten Rotterdam BV. It is one of the largest traders and distributors of spices, well known to the spice industry for its reliability and commitment. The annually published yellow Pepper Report by Man-Producten Rotterdam BV is generally considered to be the most comprehensive analysis available in the market.

Man-Producten provides a central function to the entire E D & F Man Spices operation in terms of financing, insurance, accounting, information technology and quality control.

The address of Man - Producten B.V. is:
Man-producten Rotterdam B.V.
Weena 612
3012 CN Rotterdam
Tel:010 280 13 80
Fax:010-414 75 50