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Market Research

AC Nielsen ORG MARG Research Limited
Voltas House A Wing (IInd Floor)
Dr. Ambedkar Road
Mumbai 400033
Tel:022 - 566 32 700/566 32 500
Fax:022- 566 32 701/566 32 501

ORG-MARG is a market research company, which helps its clients take decisions on the basis of the best possible information. ORG-MARG's infrastructure and services covers India and South Asia. With over 1600 employees spread across 5 full-service offices in India and over 350 employees in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, ORG-MARG accounts for just over half the total number of people employed in the market research industry in South Asia.

96% of ORG-MARG is owned by VNU, the international information company. VNU, with net revenues of EUR 4.8 billion (2001), is active in the markets for consumer and professional information in most European countries, the United States, Canada, South Africa and India. VNU employees about 38,000 people and are a public company whose shares are listed on the Stock Exchanges of Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg.

In the area of marketing information, VNU focuses on four areas: consumer behaviour, entertainment information, media information and precision marketing.

VNU acquired Nielsen Media Research, the leader in television audience measurement in the U.S. and Canada, in October 1999. This was followed in December 2000 by the acquisition of A. C. Nielsen, which is the leading provider of customised research, retail audit data and television audience measurement and Internet measurement services outside North America.

ORG-MARG is now part of the ACNielsen network of market research companies in over 100 countries.

The address of the office is:
Ceylonpoort 5-25
2037 AA Haarlem
Tel:023 - 546 34 63
Fax:023 - 546 39 31