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ARS T&TT India

ARS T&TT India provides Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), services and solutions. Clients include the major traffic and transport related organisations in Europe, both public and private, both road and rail related.

ARS T&TT India is an independent provider of technology for the international market of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The mission of ARS T&TT India is to maintain a leading position in this fast growing ITS market. ARS’ mission is accomplished by focusing on the important ITS market segments and product developments, involvement in large or prestigious ITS projects and the availability of reputed ITS experts. ARS T&TT India is a partner for the complete life cycle of technology innovation, from the conceptual phase to the development and implementation phase.

ARS focuses on the growth segments in the ITS market. Core activities of ARS are always related to ITS and include research and development of technology (software, hardware, communication), business consultancy, technical consultancy, project development, system integration, business development, system and data exploitation and IT outsourcing.

ARS T&TT India is a full subsidiary of ARS Traffic & Transport Technology B.V., The Netherlands, ( ARS T&TT India offices are located in Mumbai,Pune and Trivandrum.

Contact: Managing director Manoj Nair
Tel::0471 – 252 71 55 |

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