Doing Business with The Netherlands


Information Technology

Datacons Pvt. Ltd.
Shanthi Shree
#17/1, Hosur Road
Bangalore 560 068
Tel:080 - 573-3233
Fax:080 - 573-5258

Datacon was established in 1971. Datacons' market leading products address niche areas relating to Capital Markets, Banking / Finance, as well as the Automobile Sector. The services provided by Datacons revolve around these domains in addition to supporting and implementing third party products through its offering branded SimpleŽ, specialized technical services and state-of-the art technology solutions.

Datacons specialty lies in the expertise it has in providing support and solutions, which are customized specific to the business needs, which allows the customer to maximize the benefits from the implemented solutions.

Datacons operates in both domestic as well as export markets and is not limited by technology or domain.

Datatacons is working with Dutch financial institutions. In The Netherlands Datacons has an alliance with the following company:
Compass-EMC Limited
Bentaaatshoef 41
4941 TM Raamsdonkerveer
Tel:0162 - 571 110
Gsm:06-21 88 57 44
Fax:0162 - 570 002