Doing Business with India


Financial Institutions

There are no Indian banks in the Netherlands. The nearest one is in Belgium.

Bank of Baroda
Rue de la Loi 28
1040 Brussels
Tel:02 - 285 00 40 / 285 00 41
Fax:02- 285 00 47

Establish in 1976, Bank of Baroda - Brussels is serving its customers world over by extending all Banking services.

The Office at Brussels offers the following facilities:
  • Deposits
  • Money Transfer
  • Trade Finance
  • Term Loans
  • Foreign Exchange
The other services offered by the Bank of Baroda are: - Issue of guarantiees behalf of constituents. - Opening of letter of credit. - Correspondent banking. - Collection of cheque, bills. - Investments in FRNs, CPs, Govt-Securities. - Open NRE, FCNR, NRNR, accounts for NRIs to be parked at our Indian branches