Doing Business with India


Financial Institutions

There are no Indian banks in the Netherlands. The nearest one is in Belgium.

State Bank of India
Korte Herentalsestraat 3
2018 Antwerpen
Tel:03 - 23 32 355
Fax:03 - 23 24 370

The State Bank of India, the largest commercial bank in India, has one of its European branches at Antwerp. One of the services being provided by them is trade related. In respect of processing of trade transactions with and project exports to companies in India they provide the following services:
  • They advise and confirm import letters of credit (L/C) opened by their own offices in India as well as by other major banks in India;
  • They negotiate documents under L/Cís and also discount bills under L/Cís.
  • They issue guarantees (bid bonds, advance payment) in favour of corporates in India.

The Antwerp branch of the SBI has been set up under the regulatory control of the Belgian Banking Commission and swift connects all of their major offices and there is minimal time lag in communications.