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Engineering - Airconditioning, Commercial Refrigeration, Engineering etc.

Blue Star Limited
Kasturi Buildings
Mohan T Advani Chowk
Jamshedji Tata Road
Mumbai 400 020
Tel:022 - 5665 4000
Fax:022 - 5665 4151 / 2

Headquartered in Mumbai, Blue Star Limited was established in 1943. BSL is one of India's leading engineering companies having interests in air-conditioning and refrigeration products and systems, distribution of hi-technology professional electronics and commercial equipment. Blue Star Limited is also a Manufacturing, Engineering, Procurement and Contracting company with 29 offices, 3 manufacturing facilities. It has a network of over 500 dealers and is a well-established brand in India and select global markets including South East Asia and the Middle East.

In addition to its core HVAC&R business, BSL is a dominant player in the import and distribution of Hi-technology products in India. The company represents global technologies related to Analytical Instruments, Medical Electronics, Material Testing Machines, Data Communications and Industrial Products Over its 60-year history, Blue Star has nurtured business relationships and technology tie-ups with world leaders.

BSL has two other companies - Blue Star Design & Engineering a global provider of Engineering Services to the Manufacturing and Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) sectors and Blue Star Infotech a global provider of software consultancy, design and development services.

Blue Star has business alliances with world renowned technology leaders including in the Netherlands. They are:
Thomassen Compression Systems BV
Havelandseweg 8/A
6991 GS Rheden
Tel:026 - 497 52 00
Fax:026 - 497 52 01
GEHO Pumps - Weir Netherlands B.V.
Egtenrayseweg 9
5928 PH Venlo
Tel:077 - 389 52 00
Fax:077 - 382 48 44
Larox Pannevis B.V.
Elektronweg 24
3542 AC Utrecht
Tel:030- 248 2411
Fax:030 - 248 2402