Doing Business with The Netherlands



Simplex Concrete Piles(India) Ltd.
12/1, Nellie Sengupta Sarani
Kolkata - 700 087
Tel:033 - 244 8371 / 7596
Fax:033 - 244 7595 / 7931

Simplex Concrete Piles (India) Ltd. was established in the year 1924 with a view to develop East Asian Markets, introduced cast-in-situ driven pile foundation; a new technique for laying foundation – THE SIMPLEX PILE gained a good reputation since it met with the construction needs of time. 

Among its earliest prize assignments as an Indianised Company in the post independence era was building India’s first private sector steel plants at Tatanagar and Burnpur, approaches to the Howrah Bridge, the Supreme Court…etc.

Simplex is one of the top few construction companies in India with an excellent turnover of more than three billion annually. The Company has been registered for engineering works of unrestricted value with most of the Government Departments and Public and Private Sector organisations. 

Simplex Concrete Piles has tie ups with various International Companies. In The Netherlands it has tied up with Aarding Group ( for the manufacture of specialised construction equipment in India. It has also a tie up with Stork Contractors, another Dutch company.