Doing Business with the Netherlands


Agro Industries (Floriculture, Horticulture/ Tissuculture)

Hindustan Agrigenetics Limited
C1/5 Safdarjang Development Area
New Delhi 110016
Tel:011-625 19 18

The Hindustan Agrigenetics Limited genetics Research and Development centre uses the purest germ plasm to transfer and combine various genetic traits to produce hybrids which combine the best qualities of high yields and disease resistance. Using the purest of foundation seeds with complete quality control checks and grow out tests at every stage, the Company produces the highest quality hybrid seeds.

The Company has created its export base by tying up with Noordam Consultancy B.V., of Holland for marketing support as well as technical know-how. Noordam Consultancy B.V., of Holland, specialists in breeding and propagation of rose plants.

The address of their partner in the Netherlands is:

Noordam Consultancy B.V