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Why outsource to India?

"A lot of people focus on India for lower costs. What is remarkable in India is the caliber of the computer engineers. The cost savings were an additional benefit on top of that..." said Larry Ellison, Founder and CEO, Oracle in an interview. Microsoft and Oracle have their largest offshore software development centers in India.

According to Paul Tjia of GPI Consultancy, Rotterdam - As a pioneer, India is the most successful country in this field and more than 200 Dutch organisations have had software projects executed in India.

The main reasons for offshore outsourcing by Dutch companies are:
  • Shortage of IT-staff
  • Need for flexibility
  • Cost reduction
Other reasons:
  • New export markets
  • Personal reasons
There are Four ways of collaboration:
  • Project-based outsourcing
    ABN AMRO Bank, ING Group, KLM
  • Own subsidiary
     Baan, Philips
  • Joint-venture with (or financial investment in) foreign partner
    KPN Telecom and TCIL
  • Direct employment of foreign IT-professionals 
    On-site work (e.g. Indian IT-staff)
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