Stichting Woord en Daad
Spijksedijk 16E
4207 GN  Gorinchem
Tel:0183 - 61 18 00
Fax:0183 - 61 18 08

Postal address
Postbus 560
4200 AN Gorinchem

Woord en Daad ( Word and Deed) was founded in 1973. It is a Christian Foundation active in Relief and Development and is working on structural poverty reduction in the developing countries. They work with local Christian partners in Africa, Asia and Central America. Woord en Daad is committed to work among the poorest of the poor, with a focus on their empowerment. Woord en Daad is also active in India.

An important field of activity of the organisation is education. Via a financial adoption programme more than 28.000 children are reached world-wide. Next to this, Woord en Daad is active in the fields of water, food and health, agriculture, income generation, micro credit and employment. Woord en Daad also actively works on awareness raising among the grassroots supporters, and lobby and advocacy.

In the Netherlands there are 86 committees, formed by 900 volunteers. They are actively involved in fundraising for operations in the developing countries.

There are two types of financial adoption:
Individual adoption for a monthly fee of 22.50 and Group adoption for a monthly fee of 21.50 . For as little as 5.00 per month one can be a partner.

Woord en Daad has 55,000 donors. In the developing countries it reaches more than 28,000 underprivileged children through financial adoption. In the year 2002 Woord en Daad adopted more than 7,600 children in India. In the same year the amount donated for their projects in India was 2,569,000.00.