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Missio is a Catholic organisation entrusted with the responsibility by Pope to support the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the work of charity and social improvement around the world. Missio's activities are based on Faith as basis for meeting, dialogue and solidarity with others. Missio promotes awareness, prayer, sacrifice and fundraising to support worldwide Catholic mission.

Missio makes it possible to adopt individually a student of theology (a trainee for future priesthood). This can be done by a personal sponsorship of Ä 45,00 per month.

The other possibility is a general sponsorship. One is free to decide the amount to be donated. This donation should be on a regular basis.

The Missio Netherlands is at present sponsoring more than 300 would be priests in seminaries in different parts of the world. Since 1920, thanks to the financial assistance from the Missio Netherlands more than 8.000 students are ordained as a priest.

Missio has direct contacts with seminaries en theological high schools in the developing countries including India.