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Residence Permit for the Netherlands
Permission to live in the Netherlands
Most aliens who want to come to the Netherlands for standard residence must first of all make an application for an authorization for temporary stay (MVV) at the Dutch embassy or consulate in the country of origin. If the application is approved, the person in question can travel to the Netherlands. Once he has arrived in the Netherlands, he must immediately apply for a standard temporary residence permit (VVR-bep) at the Aliens Police.

The responsibility for the aliens’ policy and its implementation lies with the Ministry of Justice. The IND is responsible, on behalf of the State Secretary, for the implementation of the core tasks of issuing standard residence permits to aliens, naturalization, visas, asylum, supervision of aliens, and border security.

The IND does not carry out all these tasks on its own , but does so together with a large number of organisations, ranging from the police, the Royal Netherlands Military Police and the Customs to the Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seeker, the Aliens Police, the embassies, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For further information please visit the site of IND.
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Legalisation of documents
Any foreign documents you present to the Dutch authorities have to be legalised. For further information please visit the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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