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Evaluation of Foreign Diplomas
What is credential or diploma evaluation?

IDW- Evaluation of Foreign Credentials.

This is the website about International Credential Evaluation (IDW), the joint cooperation between SBB and Nuffic for the implementation of Credential Evaluation for the Netherlands. Together SBB and Nuffic have set up the Information Centre for Credential Evaluation, which is housed at SBB since 2003.

The Information Centre for Credential Evaluation IcDW acts as a central desk you can contact per telephone or e-mail for questions, and where applications for credential evaluation can be submitted by regular mail.

Information Centre for Credential Evaluation (IcDW)
P.O. Box 7338
Tel: 079 - 321 79 30 (Mondays to Thursdays between 09.00 and 12.30 hrs)
Fax: 079 - 321 79 29
web :

For further information, visit the site of IcDW.

You may also visit the following URL:


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