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Books on Dealing with the Dutch - Do's and don'ts in Dutch Business Culture
DEALING WITH THE DUTCH by J. Vossestein - 14th revised edition.
ISBN 90 6832 565 5 / NUR 812/741/780   Paperback, 231 pp. Price 15,00
Published by KIT Publishers
P.O. Box 9500
1090 HA Amsterdam
Tel:020 - 568 82 72
Fax:020 - 568 82 86

Dealing with the Dutch is a publication which covers many aspects of Dutch mentality; of special interest to those from other countries who work in the Netherlands or 'do business with the Dutch'.

The book has grown out of experiences in the training department of KIT, where for many years Dutch multinationals and government organisations have sent their foreign employees for courses on Dutch culture and society. It contains all the do's and don'ts in Dutch business culture.
Reference Book for Expatriates in the Netherlands

This richly illustrated handbook offers 256 full-color pages of essential information for the expatriate on all aspects of living and working in the Netherlands such as: career, fiscal issues, health care, housing, insurance, international education, registration and telecommunications. The reader can also find more general information on Dutch culture and habits, tourist information, language and international clubs. All these subjects are approached from the perspective of the expatriate - both newcomers and expats who have been living in the Netherlands for some time.
The Holland Handbook is for sale for 27.50 at the major book stores in the Netherlands and websites such as and

ISBN: 978 5594 652 5
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A Guide to living in Holland by Carolyn Gelderman - Curtis and Ruth Nyks

Inside Information contains over 200 pages of practical advice about Holland for the newcomer. In an often humorous and always readable way it offers expatriates easy access to necessary information, including all the latest websites. With over 35,000 copies sold, it has become an essential guide for the expatriate.
ISBN 90-80309141.
Inside Information costs 18,00 excluding BTW and shipping costs.

The Dutch, I Presume?
by Martijn de Rooij, 144 pages.

Dealing with over 40 prominent features of Holland, this book provides an insight in Dutch society. Ranging from Rembrandt to Cruijff, from flowers to food, or from windmills to architecture, it explains to you the The Netherlands and its inhabitants.
ISBN10 90-8541-012-6
ISBN13 978-90-8541-012-6
Published by N & L Publishing
The Dutcch, I presume costs 14,95 excluding packing and postage costs.