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Pure India by Dutch photographers Henk Bothof & Martin Bakker
Hardcover| Veenman Publishers| Price € 39,00 | ISBN/EAN 978-90-8690-175-3
Published by Veenman Publishers
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3047 AL Rotterdam
The Netherlands
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Pure India is a book of faces - beautiful and "pure" faces of tribal's from the North Eastern provinces of India and from Gujarat. They are 'pure' as they are still not influenced by the modern world. They still keep their age old traditions.

Dutch photographers Henk Bothof ( 1957 ) and Martin Bakker ( 1964 ) have been travelling for many years through Africa, Asia and the Middle East exploring and photographing the most exceptional tribes in the most remote areas of the world.

They focus on catching the moods and emotions of extraordinary people of whom most never have seen a camera before.

Bothof and Bakker’s approach is mainly based on cultural respect and conservation.

They are observers who try to preserve the cultural diversity. Their photographs have been exhibited in several galleries and on art fairs in Europe. The photos are also published by several magazines. In between travelling, they live in the Netherlands.

A part of the proceeds from the sale of the book goes to the Foundation KidsRights.

Images by courtesy of Henk Bothof & Martin Bakker.
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