Organisations active in India

Foundation Help a Child
G. Stephensonstraat 11
8013 NL Zwolle
Tel:038 - 460 46 48
Tel:038 - 4460 45 08
Giro:15 99 333
Bank a/c:ABN AMRO :

Postal address:
P.O. Box 40169
8004 DD Zwolle

Foundation Help a Child (Stichting Red een Kind) established in 1968 is a Christian aid organisation.

Help a Child Foundation gives structural help to children in the developing countries. The Foundation is responsible for about 20.000 children.

Christian values and education are the essential elements of the work of the Foundation. The most important form of help is the education in the orphanage and day-care centres and to provide food and clothing’s. The help is is given locally under the supervision of Christian organisations.

In India Help a Child Foundation is active in different places.

For information plese contact Mr. A. Hengelaar.
Photo's by courtesy of Foundation Help a Child.