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The Triodos-Doen Foundation started in 1994 at the initiative of DOEN Foundation and Triodos Bank. DOEN Foundation was founded in 1991 and is funded by the proceeds from the National Postal Code Lottery and the Sponsor Lottery. DOEN Foundation is unique as a donor organisation, in that it does not give ‘aid’ in the conventional sense of the word, but stimulates sustainable change in a dynamic, entrepreneurial way.

Finance provided by Triodos-Doen Foundation has a considerable risk-bearing character and is provided in situations where an ordinary bank loan is not or not yet possible, for example because no security can be provided.

Triodos-Doen is one of the first private funds, investing in micro-finance institutions worldwide. Triodos-Doen is managed by Triodos International Fund Management BV, part of the Triodos Bank Group from the Netherlands. Triodos Bank is an independent international financial institution, which seeks substance to ethical and social banking with the support of depositors and investors who wish to encourage the development of responsible business working for social renewal.

The micro-credits are channeled through Hivos-Triodos Fund which was founded in 1994 as a joint initiative between the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation and Triodos Bank. This Fund makes it possible for people in the North to become involved, through special savings account and by giving guarantees, in grassroot economic development in the South. The aim of the Fund is to provide loans, guarantees and equity to organisations that specialise in providing micro-credit loans to people and groups that otherwise have no or difficult access to finance and who are active in trade or production while meeting specific social and/or environmental criteria.

At the end of 2004 Triodos-Doen’s portfolio amounted to EUR 26 million. Triodos-Doen is involved in over 26 micro-finance institutions in different countries including India.

In India Triodos-Doen is collaborating through Hivos-Tridos Fund with two Indian institutions active in providing microcredits. They are:
  • Share Microfin Ltd. Share has provided loans to more than 109,000 women, making Share the largest microfinance institution in India. The company is still wholly owned by a large number of its customers. In the last few years Share has significantly increased the amount of small loans provided to women who organise themselves in groups of five members. Share obtained the finance required from both Indian and international financiers.

  • Bhartiya Samruddhi Finance Ltd., part of the Basix Group established in 1996, is the first investment HTF has made in India. The group consists of several enterprises. Its mission is to improve the standard of living of its customers by providing financial services and technical assistance. HTF acquired an interest of over 10% in the Non-Banking Finance Company, Samruddhi, which provides loans. More than 60% of the remaining shares are owned by Indian investors. Loans are provided to individuals, groups and businesses. Basix does not believe that all people are able or willing to be self-employed. For this reason Basix also focuses its activities on businesses and individuals who are able to create employment opportunities. A large number of Basix’s customers are employed in the agricultural sector. In addition, loans are provided to smaller business enterprises. HTF is represented by a Triodos Bank co-workers on the Board of Directors and hopes to make a contributions to the further development of this Non-Banking Finance Company.