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TEAR Fund is an international Christian relief and development agency that is linking Christians, churches, businesses and people of goodwill in the West with the needs, challenges and aspirations of the poor in the developing world.

TEAR Fund works in close partnership with other Christian development agencies, national churches and missionary societies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. TEAR Fund has a holistic approach to development that provides economic and material help, as well as spiritual hope, by bringing together a partnership of social action with a clear and unambiguous witness of Christís love and salvation.

Rather than establish their own relief and development projects, TEAR Fund supports the initiatives of other Christian groups, including churches, relief and development agencies and community-based organisations, which are working with the poor in their communities. They seek to build effective relationships with these partners, grounded in mutual respect, trust and accountability.

Priority is given to those programs that strive to involve the most marginalized and exploited members of each community, regardless of their religious or political beliefs.

TEAR Fund subscribes to the Code of Conduct of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief. TEAR Fund is a member of the Dutch NGO Disaster Relief Forum (SHO), and is one of the recipients of Dutch Government matching funds scheme.

TEAR Fund is also active in India. In cooperation with EFICOR ( Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief), India TEAR Fund has participated in different clean water and sanitation projects.

TEAR Fund in cooperation with the Integrated Rural Development Service Society of Andhra Pradesh gave financial assistance to a few landless families to buy goats and start a new living.

Divya Shanti Christian Association (DSCA) in Bangalore is a charity, which aims to help poorer sections of society, especially destitute women and children in the slums of Bangalore. They have their own schools and give education to the students. Families are supported by a small scholarship, school uniform etc. Handicapped children gets special education. Another activity is to support the children in the evening with their homework. The children don't have lights or the facilities to do the school homework at their home. TEAR Funds supported DSCA financially.

SHARAN is active in three slums in New Delhi. Residents of the slums can borrow a small sum from SHARAN for example to start a small business. TEAR Funds supported SHARAN financially.

ASHA is another organisation active in the slums of Delhi. The mission of asha is the improvement of the lives of slum dwellers in Delhi through community and health development. It achieves this through the initiation of long-term sustainable projects that confront and solve the practical and social problems faced by those living within these communities. TEAR Funds supported ASHA financially. This project is co-financed by ICC0.

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