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Foundation OtherWise
Duivendaal 10
2e verdieping, kamer 2019
6701 AR Wagenigen

Mail address:
Postbus 269
6700 AG Wageningen

Stichting OtherWise is a critical non-profit Organisation that focuses on development and environment issues in a worldwide context to balance access to knowledge resources. Within this context OtherWise give critical input and supplements to education and research programmes/projects at Wageningen University. OtherWise organises events like festivals, seminars, discussions and workshops on development/environmental topics.

The general objectives of Stichting OtherWise are:
  • OtherWise aims to stimulate scientific knowledge accessible to marginal groups by organising and supervising small scale research projects by order of local non-governmental organisations all over the world;
  • OtherWise aims to contribute to the improvement, renewal and maintenance of the educational elements of development education at Wageningen UR, that carry out the vision of OtherWise;
  • OtherWise aims to stimulate critical opinion concerning development issues of students and interested volunteers by offering alternative insights and resources of knowledge.
  • OtherWise aims to be an intermediary Organisation between civil society and university, resulting in a better link between theory and practice.
One main element of the work of OtherWise is the preparation of activities and projects in groups of students. Stichting OtherWise has also contact with various organisations in the south and prepares students to conduct research in these organisations. In the past members of OtherWise did field research in India.