Organisations active in India

Agromisa Foundation
Duivendaal 8
6701 AR Wagenigen
Tel:0317 - 412 217 / 419 178
Fax:0317 - 412 217 / 419 178

Postal address:
Postbus 41
6700 AA Wageningen

The Agromisa Foundation is a Dutch non-profit NGO whose aim is to strengthen the social and economic position of the underprivileged rural population in the south. Agromisa was established in 1934, and is linked to Wageningen University and Research Centre.

The aim of Agromisa is to exchange knowledge information on small-scale sustainable agriculture and related topics. Their target group is the underprivileged population in rural areas. Agromisa's main objective is to strengthen the self-reliance of the target group and to improve their livelihood by sharing experience and knowledge.

Agromisa's role in this is a supportive one, which implies that they are not a donor organisation, nor do they finance projects directly. It is Agromisa's belief that the gap between formal (scientific) knowledge and informal (farmers') knowledge should be bridged. To achieve this, Agromisa wants to collaborate with intermediary organisations.

Agromisa works on the improvement of livelihood of smallholder farmers in the South and countries in transition. This is done by making agricultural knowledge available to intermediate groups that work for or on behalf of farmers. Agromisa strives towards a sustainable agricultural system.

Agromisa finances its work partially through donations from (religious) organisations and through its own services. These include paid advisory work for sister- organisations, as well as the revenues from the A-week and from the sale of Agrodoks. Contributions from private donors are becoming increasingly important in order to enable Agromisa to improve her knowledge-exchange with the target group.

Agromisa's activities can be divided into two groups: The Resource Information Centre and Agromisa's Program and Projects.

For information please contact Mr. Sierk Plaat, Director, Agromisa.