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Foundation Dark & Light Blind Care
Vendelier 13
3905 PB Veenendaal
Tel:0318 - 561 501
Fax:0318 - 561 577
Postal address:
P. B. 672
3900 AR Veenendaal

The Foundation Dark & Light Blind Care, founded in 1982, is based on Christian principles and vision. Care for others, certainly those who need help, is the motivation of all those involved in their work. Every visually handicapped person in the developing world belongs, especially the children, in principle, to the target group, regardless of their religion, background, race, sex or political persuasion. Foundation Dark and Light Blind Care helps them through prevention, treatment, education and vocational training.

Dark & Light therefore aims to support:
  • Integrated education for children with visual impairment and assist projects to facilitate this type of education.
  • Orientation & Mobility courses and training in daily living skills.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation and skill training for visually impaired adults.
  • The training of eye doctors, eye nurses and field workers and the establishment of specialised eye care centres.
  • Identification programmes and programmes for early intervention mainly focussed on rural areas.
  • The prevention of blindness.
  • Projects for people with Low Vision and for the multiple handicapped blind.
In India Foundation Dark & Light works with the following partners:
  • D. F. Blind School, Kolkatta
  • Community Based rehabilitation programme for the Blind - Vaishali (Bihar)
  • Development of integrated services for visually impaired in Ahmedabad District
  • Community Based Rehabilitation in Uttaranchal

For information plese contact Ms. Dianne Duijster.
Top three photo's by courtsy of Foundation Dark & Light.
The photograph at the bottom is by Ms. Lyndall Hopcraft, London.